ZŁOTO w decydującym punkcie!

Lets take a look for the gold chart in the weekly basis – photo1.  There is a beauty big triangle almost ending its formation.

Based on the global market behaviour its a big chance to get the gold’s rate out of triangle from the upper side.

If that scenario realized the potential range of growth is up to 2300 usd  ( 80%  of potential profit from the current price).

photo 1. The gold quotation – weekly basis.





Whats the graphical interpretation of current rate of gold – analysis based on authorial newhach’s indicators:
  1. weekly interpretation:












photo2: gold on weekly basis – last 200 sesions – global view













photo3: gold on weekly basis – last 25 sesions. The  gold at the bottom suport.












photo 4. newhach’s indicator – weekly basis. Gold rate get out of the resistance level – buy signal.

  1. Actual support value in the growing trend  for gold  is 1230usd   level;
  2. Actual rate of gold is above it – bull’s market  (photo3)
  3. The actual resistance level is 1300usd (photo 1)
  4.  The further resistance level is 1370 usd (photo 2)
  5. Actual signal at weekly basis  is “buy” -( photo 4).
Its a good time to be in gold!.
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