Gdzie jesteśmy z euro/usd?

 Thats the authorial approach for market analysis.
I hope you enjoyed it. Its easy to understand and implementing it at your investing.

Let’s make analysis based on daily quotations.

Its taken last 400 days for euro/usd bahaviour. Let’s take a look for a data:












photo1.  Euro/usd  last 400 days - global view (newhach's graph)


photo2: Graphical ilustration of Euro/Usd (last 200 days) ( newhach's interpretation)

Whats of interpretation of it?

1. blue area – type of global market trend (decreasing: arms directed down;  growing up: arms directed up)

2. red line (red river) – the signal line

3. green line – adjuvant line

4. red border horizontal lines – support & resistance lines

5. black line – actual rate of euro/usd


How to interpret this:

  • red river line keeps under the blue armes directed down:     bears are on the market in the long period;
  • red river line  keeps over the blue armes directed up:  its the bulls market in the long period;
  • green line keeps under the red river line :    bears are on the market in the short period;
  • green line keeps over the red river line:  its the bulls market in the short period;


where we are at euro/usd?

  • bears are on the market now: red river is under the blue arms;
  • actual euro/usd rate to rebound  the resistance point:  red river line and blue lines are almost touching each other (bear market);
  • the nearest support place is 1.115  
  •  be aware that the variability of actual rate will speed up in next week (bears are coming ) – be prepared.




in next post you will get:
  • the hints for gold behaviour;


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Good article! Professional financial analysis. Hope new articles coming soon.

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