The GOLD in the crucial point!

Lets take a look for the gold chart in the weekly basis – photo1.  There is a beauty big triangle almost ending its formation.

Based on the global market behaviour its a big chance to get the gold’s rate out of triangle from the upper side.

If that scenario realized the potential range of growth is up to 2300 usd  ( 80%  of potential profit from the current price).

photo 1. The gold quotation – weekly basis.





Whats the graphical interpretation of current rate of gold – analysis based on authorial newhach’s indicators:
  1. weekly interpretation:












photo2: gold on weekly basis – last 200 sesions – global view













photo3: gold on weekly basis – last 25 sesions. The  gold at the bottom suport.












photo 4. newhach’s indicator – weekly basis. Gold rate get out of the resistance level – buy signal.

  1. Actual support value in the growing trend  for gold  is 1230usd   level;
  2. Actual rate of gold is above it – bull’s market  (photo3)
  3. The actual resistance level is 1300usd (photo 1)
  4.  The further resistance level is 1370 usd (photo 2)
  5. Actual signal at weekly basis  is “buy” -( photo 4).
Its a good time to be in gold!.
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Xabier Garmendia
Xabier Garmendia
5 lat temu

Global economy is coming to a new crisis, there are many indicators such as the debt bubble, the de-dollarization process, low interest rates in the central banks for too long all around the world (USA as an exemption, but not for long), the trade war, the volatility of the stock market. By the end of the 2019 or begining of 2020 I expect that we will already be in a global crisis, where everybody will look for an stable currency for their cash, will be then when the gold will get the momentum. Countries all around the world have been… Czytaj więcej »

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