Watch out for Carolan’s window for DAX index at days 03-05. 04.2019!!!

In the article I would like to draw attention to the current technical situation of financial markets. The stock market, especially the American and German stock market, has been pushing forward for nearly three months. The bottom was noted in the final days of December 2018, since then indexes have increased by nearly 17% for DAX and 23% for S & P500. You probably wonder if the increases will continue or whether the markets will turn south.

To this end, I will recall the calculated key days for trend changes (turning points) for the German DAX exchange for 2019 (see the article “Setting the turning points for the German DAX exchange index based on the Carolan theory”).
Based on the data from table 1, another key Carolan window is in progress – we are talking about 03 – 05/04/2019. Is there a significant return on the market this day? There are many indications that yes. !!

Table 3. Carolan list of windows for the DAX index in 2019.

Let’s take a look at the effectiveness of Carolan’s windows for the first three months of this year (January – March). The analysis took into account the windows marked in the table in yellow (these are days that coincide with the moon phases: new moon and full moon) and ordinary Carolan windows that do not overlap with moon phases – white color from the table. In figure 1, Carolan’s windows were placed on the German stock exchange index, and their effectiveness will be left without comment.
Fig.1. Marked carolan’s window for the German DAX stock exchange in the period January – April 2019.

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