Does the full moon during the Easter season affect the stock market indices? Take a look at DAX.

In this article, I wanted to verify the thesis whether the full moon located during the Easter holidays has an impact on stock market indices and market behavior. For this purpose, I will take the DAX German stock exchange index for analysis, and the input data for the analysis will be considered during the last 13 years. Table 1 presents the data, namely: year, period of holidays, date of full fall in Easter, point value of the DAX index. The graphical interpretation of data from the table is shown in Figure 1.


fig.1. Dax data

Observed applications:

  • years 2009,2016 and 04. 2019 seem to be crucial due to the creation of the basis of the trend line – yellow line,
  • the course during the current boom has repeatedly respected support levels for the trend line,
  • 2019 is key to maintaining the current upward trend !!!,
  • Currently, the value of the DAX index is 12100 points, so it is below the trend line and lower than the full value from 04.2019 – 12222 points. Attention to changing the trend !!!
    In order to better illustrate the potential support and resistance points for the DAX index, let us therefore carry the 3-key dates from table 1 (2009, 2016, 2019) into the index candle chart – Fig.2. The full date from 04.2019 looks very interesting – the course broke the trend line already in 10.2018 and is currently testing its resistance from the bottom. Will it be possible to break through the strong trend line and resistance 12200-12300?
    It seems that rather not the peaks recorded on the world stock exchanges at the present time is a good moment to take short positions. Everything points to the return of dynamic and deep declines correcting the current growth wave.


fig.2. The key dates are fulfilled by the DAX index

To sum up the above-mentioned considerations, it can be concluded that the lunar calendar is of significant importance to financial markets. The market moves with respect to the same time units (full moon, ns), setting peaks and holes at a given time. As a curiosity, take a look at chart 3, showing the last wave of the DAX index (01.2019 – 05.2019) with the phases of the moon (full moon). Interestingly, the new moon always occurs on a straight line creating an upward trend line. Could this be a coincidence ????

Fig. 3. Lunar calendar plotted on the DAX index chart. Period 01.2019-05/2019.


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