2 x RGR (SHS) on crude oil CL.F, opportunity to occupy inheritance positions



Today during the daily technical analysis of the instruments I drew attention once again to the current technical situation of crude oil – contracts CL.F. What turns out to be the course after breaking out of a large formation RGR (03-05.19) returns back to testing the resistance of this formation – the line of the head and shoulders – see Figure 2. As shown in Fig.2. The oil exchange rate has a huge problem with breaking this important resistance – range 63.50 – 64 PLN (picture 1). Under this resistance, another smaller RGR is formed (red in the figure).


From the technical analysis system we are already at the end of the existing small RGR formation and breaking out of the small red triangle. This, in turn, will cause an upside down from a large triangle, whose potential range of falls is 55 PLN !!! (8 points to be done in a short time).


rys.1. CL.F trend


Fig.2. 2 x RGR (SHS) on oil. Technical analysis of crude oil CL.F.


The credibility of the aforementioned analysis is also confirmed by the spiral calendar of Carolin. According to the calculated key dates, the month of April should be a breakthrough – what time will we see. For those interested, I refer to this analysis of Carolan’s determination of oil on oil: https://newhach.eu/wyznaczanie-punktow-zwrotnych-na-indeksie-ropy-cl-f-w-oparciu-o-teorie-carolana/.

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